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For Electronic Fuel Injection Motors
Measure the inside diameter of the air intake hose at the connection closest to the air filter box.

Part No. Width Order
(mm) (inch)
ki-50 50 2
ki-55 55 2-3/16
ki-60 60 2-3/8
ki-65 65 2-1/2
ki-70 70 2-3/4
ki-75 75 3
ki-80 80 3-1/8
ki-85 85 3-3/8
ki-90 90 3-5/8
ki-95 95 3-3/4


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How The New Tornado Works

The TornadoFuelSaver is an air-TWISTER, patented worldwide, with 10 years of research & development behind it.

It is an automotive air channeling tool that creates a swirling air motion, allowing the air to move faster and more efficiently by continuously whirling air around corners and bends.

TornadoFuelSaver is made of stainless steel and has no moving parts. Its precisely engineered slotted fins convert normal air intake flow into a powerful spinning vortex of air that mixes the air and fuel together, resulting in better fuel mileage and performance.


Tornado Fuel Saver Uses The Same Idea
Behind The Jet Engine


1.Save Fuel!



Dynometer testing demonstrates an increase of 4-13 horsepower as well!
The TornadoFuelSaver
is easy to install; 2-5 minutes usually, requires no maintenance and
is an affordable addition to most passenger cars, light trucks and RV.





We have authentic brand new parts directly from the company on our premises



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